Silverspot Cinema

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Pinecrest Development Orange, OH 44122
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The operators of Silverspot Cinema are set to bring to Northeast Ohio a different kind of movie theater experience when they open at the new Pinecrest development in June 2018.

Silverspot’s operators stated Tuesday that its patrons will experience theater visits like they’ve never had before.

First, most customers will buy their tickets online in advance of shows, although kiosks at the theater will allow purchase of tickets on the day movies are shown.

Silverspot CEO Francisco Schlotterbeck said that when tickets are reserved, customers will also be asked what type of dinner and drinks they would like to order.

“It’s best if you arrive about 25 minutes before the movie starts,” he said. “You take you’re seat in the theater and are served your food and drinks in your seats before the movie starts.”

Silverspot, which doubles as a bar and restaurant, customers can reserve their seats and order all refreshments ahead of time. When they arrive, they’ll be served at their seats.

Silverspot prides itself on its technology. There will be no box office, for example. All ticketing will be handled through an app and customer kiosks.